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My article (below), Recommended Audubon Print Dealers, has been published since 2001. Audubon dealer W. Graham Arader III and Arader Galleries have been on my NOT RECOMMENDED list since 2001. Now, after about 6-1/2 years on this list, the Araders all of a sudden want off, and they have sicced their attorney on me. They say they will do whatever it takes to compel me to remove them from my NOT RECOMMENDED list.

It seems to me that neither W. Graham Arader III, nor his attorney Robert Clothier of Philadelphia, believe in the 1st Amendment or free speech. They don't seem to think that I have a right to form an opinion about W. Graham Arader III and Arader Galleries, and publish my opinion on this website. Instead, W. Graham Arader III and his attorney have conjured up some bizarre and ludicrous theories and allegations about what I wrote. 

My article (basically a list) is divided into three sections: RECOMMENDED DEALERS, NOT RECOMMENDED dealers, and OTHER AUDUBON DEALERS. Because of the number of dealers listed, I did not write about my personal experiences with any of the dealers on the list. To do so would have required a separate book! I invite you to click on my article below and read what I have written in the NOT RECOMMENDED section at the end of my article. Also, please read Mr. Arader's emails and his attorney's letters, and read my experiences with Arader Galleries.

I want you, the readers of my articles on this website, to know what is going on. I want you to know how and why I formed my opinion of W. Graham Arader III and Arader Galleries, and subsequently decided to NOT RECOMMEND them. This is solely my opinion, and you are, of course, free to disagree with me. However, that is what this Country is all about. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and today their opinions can quite easily be posted on the Internet for all to read.  

Ron Flynn  3/15/2008

Read W. Graham Arader III's emails and his attorney's letters

Read my experiences with Arader Galleries

Recommended Audubon Print Dealers

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